Steel Shutter Door

Steel Shutter Doors Services

-Design & Installation

-Repair & After-sales service

-Selling shuttle doors accessory and spare parts

Types of Steel Shutter Door Systems

1. Manual or Spring System

-Suitable for typical commercial buildings, home office which the door size is not large (not exceeding 12 m²).
-Light weight and Economical price

2. Chain System

-Greatly lighten the weight, suitable for normal size commercial buildings and warehouse (which the door size is not exceeding 30 m²).
-Can be operated (open-close) from a single point (only inside or outside the building) yet it can be sorted by making pass-door as the alternative entry.

3. Electrical System with Spare Chains

-Can bear the most weight, suitable for large industrial warehouse.
-Can be operated (open-close) from both points (inside and outside the building) and also can be remote controlled.
-In case of electricity break-down, it still can be operated by spare chains conveniently.
-Making the pass-door as the alternative entry is applicable.